2. My wife is so beautiful

  4. Another outfit post for you up on the blog


  7. My obsession with white shoes continues…

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  8. There’s always time for a selfie.

  9. New blog post - Don’t forget dorothyperkindays 

    Shop my look over on the blog!


  11. Cut the crap & wear a thin strap. Get those arms out this summer, ladies!

    http://t.co/qNuZ8J1sty http://t.co/DfWfqLMMpW


  12. glittervelvetandlace said: Hello there! My name is Brianna, and earlier today you liked a picture on my Insta (my name is bri_seidel), and I just wanted to tell you how flattered and appreciative I am. I'm a teenage plus size girl who loves fashion but I definitely have confidence issues seem times. Your style is kind of exactly what I want to have someday, so for you to have liked my picture really just meant so much! I'd never heard of your blog, but have now become an avid fan! Thanks again so much!!

    Aww my pleasure! I really did like the outfit. I love Instagram - it’s so good to scroll through and see so many different styles etc.
    I’m so glad you have found my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy it. Good luck and remember you can wear absolutely anything you like because it’s you in charge! X

  13. New blog post - I review this @makeup_rev lipstick in ‘Depraved’.



  14. I can’t stand the fact that my pictures, here on tumblr constantly get reposted on to BBW sites.


  15. Anonymous said: You literally saved my life before I came across you on IG I hit rock bottom lost my job and in turn lost all my friends I have come to admire you from afar (shy IG follower) and not only for your impeccable style but your loyalty and fierce attitude. I was going to end it all but coming on your blog has given me hope as a plus size girl. I hope one day I will get to meet you to say thank you personally please never underestimate the positive impact you have on others. You're my personal heroine

    This is the nicest thing I think I could ever hope to read. Thank you for your beautiful words. I am so glad you feel stronger and I hope to meet you one day as well! Don’t be a shy follower over on IG… You know I love good chat haha. Thank you again xxx